FIRE Swampy Chris Wrayt!


The Swampiest of Swampy Republican SwampRINOs 

Director of the FBI Christopher Wrayt &

This disgraceful Deep State SwampRINO has besmirched the good name of the FBI and

dragged the reputation of the FBI through the mud and must be relieved of his duties and FIRED!!!!



Republicans IN 2019.

Amanda Chase, MAGA Republican candidate for Virginia State Senate 2019. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump!!

Amanda Chase

Virginia State Senate


Tate Reeves, MAGA Republican candidate for Mississippi Governor in 2019. #TrumpTrain #MAGA #KAG

Tate Reeves

Mississippi Governor



SwampRINO Lamar Malexander resigns!!


Even SwampRINO Bob Corker knows what a pathetic no-hoper MAlexander is! #DrainTheSwamp

SwampRINO Lamar  Alexander has conceded DEFEAT and will not contest his Senate seat again in 2020!!! #MAGA #KAG #TRUMPTRAIN - December 17, 2018.



Vote for MAGA Republicans in 2020

David Kustoff (Tennessee Senate) & Kris Kobach (Kansas senate).

MAGA Representative David Kustoff of Tennessee is set to replace Swampy Lamar Malexander as the Senator from Tennessee in 2020 #MAGA #KAG

David Kustoff

Tennessee Senate


MAGA Patriot Kris Kobach is the man to replace retiring octogenarian Pat Roberts in Kansas. Kobach is the man for Kansas in 2020!! #MAGA #KAG

Kris Kobach

Kansas Senate


Evict the Senate

SwampRINOS in 2020



SwampRINO Sasse

Nebraska Senate

Evict SwampRINO Ben Sasse in 2020!!! #KAG

SwampRINO  Collins

Maine Senate

Evict SwampRINO Susan Collins in 2020!!! #KAG


SwampRINO Cornyn

Texas Senate

Evict SwampRINO John Cornyn in 2020!!! #KAG

SwampRINO Risch

Idaho Senate

Evict SwampRINO Jim  Risch in 2020!!! #KAG

SwampRINO Cotton

Arkansas Senate

Evict SwampRINO  Tom Cotton in 2020!!! #KAG

Credit to Conservative Treehouse for exposing the extremely corrupt Senate Select Committee on Intelligence  (SSCI) - named below

The Conservative Treehouse exposes the Corrupt Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. This Swampy Committee must be dismantled and destoyed!! #MAGA #KAG

SwampRINO McConnell

Kentucky Senate

Evict SwampRINO Mitch  McConnell in 2020!!! #KAG

SwampRINO Gardner

Colorado Senate

Evict SwampRINO Cory  Gardner in 2020!!! #KAG

Vote for President Trump

in the 2018 Mid-Terms

Marsha Blackburn, MAGA Republican candidate for Tennessee Senate 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump

Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee Senate


Kristi Noem, MAGA Republican candidate for South Dakota 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump SwampRINOs

Kristi Noem

South Dakota Governor


Cindy Hyde-Smith, MAGA Republican candidate for Mississippi Senate 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump

Cindy Hyde-Smith

Mississippi Senate


Ron DeSantis - MAGA Republican Candidate for Governor of Florida. #MAGA #KAG President Trump SwampRINOs

Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor


Ted Cruz, MAGA Republican candidate for Texas Senate 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump SwampRINOs

Ted Cruz

Texas Senate


Kevin Cramer, MAGA Republican candidate for North Dakota Senate 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump SwampRINO

Kevin Cramer

North Dakota Senate


Mike Braun, MAGA Republican candidate for Indiana Senate 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump SwampRINO

Mike Braun

Indiana Senate


Josh Hawley, MAGA Republican candidate for Missouri Senate 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump SwampRINO
Rick Scott, MAGA Republican candidate for Florida Senate 2018. Trump Train. #KAG #MAGA President Donald Trump SwampRINOs

Josh Hawley

Missouri Senate


Rick Scott

Florida Senate



We are the American people.

We are the resistance to the Deep State.

We are the vanguard of Making America Great Again.

We shall vanquish the Globalist traitors



SwampRINOs is about Making America Great Again. #MAGA


SwampRINOs will hunt down thr RINOs and toss them from the party.


The Globalist RINOs must be evicted from the Swamp.





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Congratulations to MAGA Candidate Marsha Blackburn for scaring away Swamp RINO Bob 'Liddle' Corker

Tuesday September 26, 2017

Marsha Blackburn destroys
RINO Bob 'Liddle' Corker



The Swamp RINOs must be evicted!!
#MAGA - Make Ameica Great Again!!