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Rhode Island & Providence Plantations - The State who's time has passed

Rhode Island & Providence Plantations, commonly referred to as merely Rhode Island, is the smallest state by area in the United States and is set to lose its second Congressman following the Congressional redistribution after the 2020 United States Census.

This inevitable development will leave Rhode Island as not only the smallest state by area in the United States but one of the few under-populated states with less Congressmen than Senators.

The trends are clearly developing in a singular direction for Rhode Island, a state well on its way to irrelevancy in its current status.

In addition in recent months we have word that the Rhode Island legislature is seeking to tamper with the Presidential ballots by designing and legislating a law with the express purpose of preventing current President Donald J. Trump from appearing on the 2020 Presidential Election ballot in the state.

This sort of irresponsible legislating indicates the malaise at the heart of the Rhode Island political culture which permeates throughout the entirety of the state.

Rhode Island can escape its slide into irrelevance with much needed - and urgent - reform

The lucky thing for residents of Rhode Island is that there is a sensible solution at hand that will see residents of the great state of Rhode Island benefit tremendously by becoming integral parts of vibrant neighboring states that will better represent their interests rather than resorting to petty legislative trickery.

The simple solution will leave Rhode Island residents heavier in the pocket with well deserved compensation afforded to all Rhode Island adults in the event of a successful advance of reforms that cater to the needs of Rhode Island residents rather than their out of touch governing elites in Providence.

Simply put the sliver of Rhode Island bordering Massachusetts comprising the largely ceremonial and defunct counties of Newport County and Bristol County and the eastern portion of Providence County on the eastern bank of the Providence River-Seekonk River-Blackstone River river system to the Massachusetts border should be rejoined to Massachusetts.

The north-eastern corner of Rhode Island/Providence County on the eastern bank of the Blackstone River through to Blackstone Gorge on the existing Rhode Island/Massachusetts border will have the chance to decide whether they join Newport County, Bristol County and the eastern bank of the Providence River-Seekonk River-Blackstone River system in Massachusetts or remain with the other parts of Rhode Island set to become a part of Connecticut.

That's right. The greater part of Providence County on the eastern banks of the Providence River-Seekonk River-Blackstone River system through to Blackstone Gorge will become a part of Connecticut along with the entirety of Kent County and the mainland part of Washington County.

The curious case of Block Island, which is a sizable island off the southern coast of Rhode Island, presents a different opportunity given its proximity to Long Island, New York. Block Island, with its largest settlement of New Shoreham and home to a population of just over 1,000 people, will be given the choice by ballot to join either Connecticut or New York.

In effect this two (or three) way split of Rhode Island will prove not only beneficial to the residents of Rhode Island who will in future find themselves part of a larger more significant polity, but will also benefit the neighboring states of Connecticut and Massachusetts in particular.

These states are not small like Rhode Island by any means. Connecticut has a population over three times larger than Rhode Island and Massachusetts has a population nearly seven times larger than Rhode Island and several Congressmen represent these states in Congress - a definite benefit to current residents of Rhode Island set to lose half of their Congressional delegation to the House in a few years.

President Trump's leadership can secure the best possible outcome for Rhode Island residents

Of course, the question must be asked, why on Earth would Rhode Island vote to do itself out of existence although these benefits are quite clear to any onlooker of the situation.

That is indeed a fair question to ask but given the benefits that the proposed reform of Rhode Island will bring not only to the residents of Rhode Island and the neighboring states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, but also to the United States Senate that will instantly become more representative without the election of two Senators representing such a small geographic area and inevitably lead to a strengthening of the overall United States system of Government.

Given the widespread benefits all round, the residents of Rhode Island can be justifiably rewarded for voting for this reform - which they will have to do.

The 'Art of the Deal' means it may well be cost effective to offer every voting adult resident of Rhode Island a one-time cash compensation of up to $5,000. There are about 800,000 Rhode Island adults registered to vote. Compensation of $1,000 per voting aged adult in Rhode Island would cost around $800 million. Compensation of $5,000 per voting aged adult would cost a mere $4 billion.

In the context of the savings accruing to the larger United States a Federal expenditure of only $4 billion to achieve this reform is a relative drop in the bucket.

I might add, apart from anything else, this expenditure could well be justified solely on the basis of returning the favor to the dysfunctional Rhode Island legislature for legislating for the removal of the current President from the Presidential ballot papers.

If nothing else, such a state does not really deserve a place in the union all of its own if it passes such insane legislation to disenfranchise the current duly elected President of the United States.

How does one ensure this referendum take place given the current corrupt Rhode Island legislature would certainly be opposed to such a vote taking place? You put the offer to the people of Rhode Island and if current legislators won't take the referendum to the people you select candidates who support the referendum and properly compensating Rhode Island residents the $5,000 they deserve for making such a historic decision - which as upstanding citizens of the United States they will undoubtedly do, and watch as they get elected on this mandate and turf out the current corrupt denizens of the Providence legislature.

So Mr. Stephen Miller - can you make it happen?

RI Irrelevance
Trump's Leadership
Rhode Island - The State who's time has finished
Map without RI!

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations legislature descends into petty 'swampy irrelevance' - June 21, 2018.

Rhode Island’s state Senate passed a bill this week that would keep candidates off the presidential ballot in their state if they don’t release five years' worth of tax returns, according to the Providence Journal.

State Sen. Gayle Goldin (D), who sponsored the bill, noted that every presidential candidate since Richard Nixon had released their tax returns voluntarily until President Trump ran for office.

RI's Petty Legislature

The Reform of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations


To Connecticut: Washington County (minus Block Island), Kent County and the bulk of Providence County on the western bank of the Providence River-Seekonk River-Blackstone River through to Blackstone Gorge. This includes the City of Central Falls, the City of Cranston, the western half of the City of Pawtucket, the City of Providence, the Town of Burrillville, the Town of Foster, the Town of Glocester, the Town of Johnston, the Town of Lincoln, the Town of North Providence, the Town of North Smithfield, the Town of Scituate, the Town of Smithfield, Chepachet, Clayville, Foster Center, Greenville, Harmony, Harrisville and Pascoag.

To Massachusetts: Newport County, Bristol County, North-Eastern Providence County on the eastern bank of the Providence River-Seekonk River-Blackstone River through to Blackstone Gorge. This includes the City of East Providence, the eastern half of the City of Pawtucket, the City of Woonsocket, the Town of Cumberland, Cumberland Hill and Valley Falls.

To New York: Block Island (Washington County).

Reformation of RI


RI Counties

It's time to say Bye Bye Rhode Island!!!​

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