Northern Virginia

Swamp Counties

Six Northern Virginia Counties & Independent Cities exist as part of the Washington DC Swamp.

These 'Swamp Counties' and 'Swamp Cities' suck on the corrupt teat of Washington DC dirty money and do not in any way represent the people of Virginia.

These Swamp Counties & Swamp Cities disgrace the good name of the Commonwealth of Virginia and are a sadly integral part of the Swamp on the Potomac.

These cancerous 'Swamp Counties' must be excised from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Northern Virginia Swamp Counties


Statewide Virginia Election Results (2012-2017)​


Northern Virginia DC Swamp

v Real Virginia

2017: Virginia Governor's Race

Ralph Northam (D) v Ed Gillespie (R)

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2016: US Presidential Election

Hillary Clinton (D) v Donald Trump (R)

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2014: Virginia Senate Race

Mark Warner (D) v Ed Gillespie (R)
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2013: Virginia Governor's Race

Terry McAullife (D) v Ken Cuccinelli (R)

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2012: US Presidential Election

Barack Obama (D) v Mitt Romney (R)

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2012: Virginia Senate Race

Tim Kaine (D) v George Allen (R)

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2018: Virginia Senate Race

Tim Kaine (D) v Corey Stewart (R)

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Proud Fairfax County DC Swamp resident FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok testifying to Congress. Click to see Strzok's testimony (Video).

 FBI Peter Strzok Swamp DC Swamp

Click to view Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte (VA) grilling Strzok about his eminent bias towards residents of Virginia outside the DC Swamp where he lives - Fairfax County.

'Mordor' on the Potomac

delivers Ralph Northam the Virginia Governorship


Incredibly current Virginia Governor Ralph Northam elected at the 2017 Virginia Gubernatorial Election is a product of the Democrat infested DC swamp.

Northam was hand-picked by Clinton Crime Cabal Crony and former Virginia Governor Terry McAullife to succeed the term limited McAullife in 2017 and rode to victory solely on the votes of fellow DC Swamp Dwellers in the six Northern Virginia Swamp Counties listed above.

Northam managed nearly 69% of the vote in the six Virginia Swamp counties compared to under 49% in the real parts of Virginia not infested by the DC Swamp.

In Real Virginia Republican candidate Ed Gillespie took nearly 20,000 more votes than Swamp Creature Northam and would now be the sitting Republican Governor of Virginia if the swamp suburbs of DC were excised from Virginia and returned to the Swampy District of Columbia, or indeed to Deep Blue Maryland. It matters little to where these Virginia Swamp Counties end up, but they no longer represent the views of Real Virginians and should be excluded from determining the policies Real Virginians are forced to live by.

It is time to excise the Swamp from Virginia and Make Virginia Great Again!! #MVGA.

Vote Corey Stewart in Virginia this November for the sake of Virginia and Virginians.


2016 US Presidential Election Results in VA 


Trump wins Real Virginia by 180,000 votes

2014 US Senate Election Results in Virginia


Democrat Warner re-elected by DC Swamp

2013 Gubernatorial Election Results in Virginia 


Swamp Crony McAuliffe elected by DC Swamp

2012 US Presidential Election Results in VA 


Romney denied Virginia by DC Swamp

2012 US Senate Election Results in Virginia


Clinton VP Tim Kaine relies on DC Swamp

Former Clinton VP candidate Tim Kaine was re-elected to the US Senate in 2018 winning state-wide, in the DC Swamp and amongst Real Virginians against Republican candidate Corey Stewart.

Overall 2018 Virginia Senate result: Tim Kaine (D) - 1,910,370 (57.0%) cf. Corey Stewart (R) - 1,374,313 (41.0%);

DC Swamp Virginia Senate result: Tim Kaine (D) - 764,911 (69.0%) cf. Corey Stewart (R) - 318,648 (28.7%);

Real Virginia Seante result: Tim Kaine (D) - 1,145,459 (51.1%) cf. Corey Stewart (R) - 1,055,655 (47.1%).

Tim Kaine's state-wide victory proves that removing the DC Swamp from Virginia will not dis-enfranchise Democrats. Far from it. Strong Democratic candidates can win state-wide Virginia elections without the DC Swamp and by doing so they will be more likely to represent the needs of Real Virginians - not their buddies in the DC Swamp as is the case now.

 FBI Peter Strzok Swamp DC Swamp

Click to view Swampy FBI Agent, and proud Fairfax County resident, Peter Strzok.

The Swamp RINOs must be evicted!!
#MAGA - Make Ameica Great Again!!