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False Flagged Americans Can Unite Politically


September 11, 2001 - FALSE FLAG

September 11, 2001

las vegas - route 91, october 1, 2017

Las Vegas Route 91
Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas - Check that data! 91 10-01... 9/11 01... SPOOKY!

The False Flag attacks that have been perpetrated on the American people such as September 11 and the recent Las Vegas 'Stephen Paddock Fairytale' we've been pun by the FBI and their cohorts demand a unified response.

These despicable False Flag attacks in the mold of Operation Gladio are aimed at all Americans and are designed to remove our LIBERTIES.

These acts of societal vandalism must be resisted by all thinking Americans, and Americans of all political stripes - for they are targeted at us all regardless of political affiliation.

Whether Republican or Democrat, or indeed Libertarian or Green we must all come together and fight against those who would attempt to subvert our democratic Republic.

It is precisely because of this imperative we must recognize that our strength lies in our UNITY.

Why False Flags

False Flagged Americans Can Unite Politically


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